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Anne Koreman has always been fascinated with how things work, and her initial studies in college were in the field of engineering.

When she found she enjoyed working with people more than things, she entered the field of Occupational Therapy, became a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA), and for more than a decade worked in the field of human services.

After buying a home and experiencing first-hand the complexity of keeping it healthy, she found she was once again learning about how things work. She realized that she could share her knowledge and continue to help people by learning the art and science of Home Inspection.

She enrolled in the professional training program of Inspection Training Associates (ITA), adding its topflight formal training to the “hands-on, hard-way” knowledge she had accumulated as a homeowner.

After completing ITA's rigorous training, Anne Koreman was licensed by New York State to perform home inspections. Anne is the owner and proprietor of Every Square Inch Home Inspections, LLC.

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Anne is also a member of the Building Performance Institute, Inc., an organization which focuses on building comfort, health, durability and energy efficiency.

Anne Koreman lives just outside of Ithaca NY.

Anne is an avid SCUBA diver, and loves to travel. She has visited countries (and bodies of water) all over the world.

She is also a committed environmentalist and conservationist, and has served as an officer in the Sierra Club.

Anne lives what she believes: her home and ESI offices are equipped with a large solar-panel array, the ESI car is a 50 MPG hybrid, and even her lawn tractor is electric! (Click on the "Anne lives Green!" tab to see Anne and her hybrid car in front of the solar-panel array.)

It’s easy being green…

Anne with solar panels and Prius

Anne Koreman, Home Inspector can tell you how!

ESI stands for…

Every Square Inch Home Inspections, LLC.

ESI is a locally owned and operated green home inspection company, serving Tompkins, Seneca and Schuyler Counties.

We named our company for what we do: examine Every Square Inch of a home, so you know everything about it—we check to make sure things are the way they should be, and point out things that need attention to make them right.

Whether you are a prospective home buyer, or a seller, or just a happy homeowner who wants to make sure the home you're in is in the best shape it can be, we can provide you with the facts.

ESI is licensed by New York State and fully insured.

NYS License Number
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ESI is also a member of the Building Performance Institute, Inc., an organization which focuses on building comfort, health, durability and energy efficiency.

“Your inspection was the best investment we've made in many years. Many thanks again for having prepared such a clear and well-documented report.

—Robert Frank & Ellen McCollister, Ithaca, NY

“Anne Koreman is one of the most professional people I have had the pleasure of working with. She was thorough, accommodating, and impeccable. We first employed her during our whirlwind of a house hunt visit from out of town, where we looked at two dozen properties over a long (holiday) weekend. Anne accompanied us during this tour, offering a mini inspection as we checked out the houses. She was very attentive to our wants and needs and it was extremely useful having her with us. It gave us such a peace of mind! We then employed Anne to do a thorough home inspection on the house we ended up buying. She produced a detailed report on the property, which was so useful in negotiations. Furthermore, she volunteered to come out and check out our place after we moved in - in order to give us some advice on upkeep and such. I couldn't recommend Anne (and her company ESI) more highly. You would be lucky to have her to your home inspection.”

—Mert Sabuncu, Ithaca, NY

“Dear Anne -

“Your report is excellent. You captured some great pictures and I am so impressed with your detective work from exterior to interior.


—Carrie & Eric, Ithaca NY

“Anne, Just a note to tell you how helpful it was to have you here in April with your infrared thermal imaging camera when we had representatives of our window company here.

“We had been complaining for the five years since we built the house that the windows were not tight and cold air was coming in and we could even see outside through some spaces.

“When they [window manufacturer representatives] came on a cool, windy day your camera showed us and showed the reps exactly how much air was leaking in. After taking some measurements, they went out to their truck, called their company and came back telling us all new windows would be installed because of poor fit of the original windows. Last week the windows arrived and they fit much tighter as you observed and the strong wind this evening did not leak through.

“Thanks again,

—John and Joann McMahon, Romulus, NY

“Thank you so much, Anne. I've so appreciate all the different forms of help you've provided in this process. It's so important to have allies such as yourself who can really check out what state of health a house is in.

—Jalaja Bonheim, Van Etten, NY

“The inspection done by ESI Home Inspections was thorough and extremely informative. I was provided with a detailed report and great advice on energy saving ideas. I would use Every Square Inch again. Thanks again!!

—Anna Bartels, Groton, NY

“Hi Anne,

“That [report] looks fabulous! Thank you so much for all of your hard work--we feel much better about moving into our new home!

—Nate and Kirsten, Ithaca, NY

"Purchasing a 150 year old house presents unique challenges. The detailed report from ESI was critical to making an informed decision on whether to make an offer. Once the house was ours, we used the report to develop our renovation plan. Thanks to ESI we knew exactly what we were getting into."

—Gretchen & Michael Salm, Trumansburg, NY

“I highly recommend Every Square Inch Home Inspections to anyone looking for a thorough and professional home inspection. Anne Koreman is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. She made the process of buying our new home easier because we knew just exactly the quality of the home we were getting into, and she gave us great tips for living a greener life. Wonderful! I would hire her company again in a heartbeat.”

—Annie Hoff, Trumansburg, NY

“After our recent home inspection, we learned that ‘every square inch’ is not just a company name! Ms. Koreman was extremely thorough and professional. She asked us questions to determine the level of our maintenance skills. Based on that, she took us through the house and showed us what we could do ourselves, and what we might feel more comfortable having done professionally. She answered all questions respectfully (even ones I felt silly asking!), and made sure we were satisfied with our understanding.

“As she went through the inspection, Ms. Koreman carefully explained what she was doing and why. The final report arrived within 24 hours of the inspection, and provided a clear and detailed explanation of what she discovered, and what our repair and maintenance priorities should be.

“I would not hesitate to recommend Every Square Inch Home Inspection to friends who are buying OR selling.”

—Roxanne VanWormer, Trumansburg, NY

ITA logoEvery Square Inch Home Inspections, LLC
A green home inspection company

Fully insured
Licensed by the State of New York Department of State to perform home inspections of residential buildings.
ESIHI NYS License Number 16000042658

Serving Tompkins, Seneca and Schuyler Counties